It's not if, but when...
Digital and financial identities
​​​​​​​are at constant risk.

Our solutions protect your members and customers from the devastating effects of today's most serious threats.

Innovative Identity Solutions

We work with a variety of industries seeking to protect their customers and members from the threats of identity theft and fraud.  See how we can work with you.

It's simple to partner with us
A partnership with Securus ID means providing identity protection solutions that help protect your customer or member base, attract and retain customers or members and create a new revenue channel.

Blanket, white label and co-branded custom solutions

We understand your brand is important - it's the reason we offer fully branded (white label) or co-branded solutions as options to our larger clients.  Let us customize a solution that fits the needs of your customers or members, providing benefits that help you to attract and retain your most valuable asset.  Our custom solutions all come with the great service you have come to expect from Securus ID.

Off-the-shelf, ready to go solutions
No need for a custom solution?  No problem, we have three identity theft plan designs ready to go!  Choosing this option for your organization provides your customers or members access to special discounts when enrolling in our full featured Securus ID plans.  Simple to implement, easy to maintain and great revenue potential. 

Click here to view our off-the-shelf plans.

A perfect fit
Our custom solutions and our off-the-shelf plans can be implemented to support a vast array of needs; customer and member attraction and retention, identity protection of customers and members and provide an additional revenue stream.

The following list is a sample list of the industries that can benefit from a partnership with Securus ID.

Financial Institutions - Credit Unions, Banks, Insurance / Investment Companies
Security Firms - Document Destruction, Information Technology Security
Payroll Services - Large scale payroll servicing companies
Membership Clubs - Travel Rewards, Perk Rewards
Membership Organizations - Unions, Alumni Associations, Member Associations
Insurance Brokerage - Employee Benefits, Enrollment Companies, Online Marketplace

Agent Partners / Affiliates
Do you provide services to individuals and families?  We want to partner with you!  We have simple process to help you integrate our identity theft plans into your current practice.  Contact us to learn more about our full featured plans, great plan discounts, industry leading compensation plan and our simple process.  If you are not providing an identity theft option to your clients, someone else will.  Let's talk.
Contact us to request a proposal or learn more about our identity protection solutions.
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* Insurance is provided by Allianz. Reimbursement is underwritten by Interstate Fire & Casualty Company. This benefit is underwritten pursuant to an identity fraud blanket or group policy issued to CSIdentity Corporation, a Delaware Corporation. Coverage is subject to the conditions and exclusions in the Terms and Conditions in all states. Coverage is provided to residents of the United States and U.S.territories and possessions.